What Are Nutritious Puffs?

Nutritious Puffs are a healthy alternative to high fat, high sugar snack foods available today. Nutritious Puffs are a revived food snack from the 1980’s, with a twist. Sunny Crunch Foods has added in 12 vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Coupled with natural honey, Nutritious Puffs are sure to be a winner at a local party or sitting at home watching your favorite movie with your family.

Where To Buy?

Nutritious Puffs are available at your favorite retailers.

Contact us at sunnycrunch.com for more information.

Richard’s Story

Richard Pelzer was adopted by Joy & Willie Pelzer when he was only six months old. He feels very blessed to have been loved and cared for in his incredible family.

Each year over 4 million children walk along the child welfare system path that need caring and loving families.

Richard’s deep desire is to provide access points to couples who want to adopt children and those children needing adoption. As a result, he has aligned himself with Angel Armies lead by Christian Recording Artist Chris Tomlin and his wife Lauren.

Please join our mission and become a Voice for the Vulnerable.

Through Angel Armies you can provide children with hope and a future.

Become a member of the Angel Army!

Our Commitment

We are committed to the following:

  • Designing, developing and manufacturing the best foods from the best ingredients
  • Building healthy relationships and communities
  • Helping loving moms and dads adopt displaced children
  • Fully support Angel Armies through our Nutritious Puffs Products

Children Are Treasures

For providing children with hope and a future, a portion of each bag sold benefits Angel Armies. Sunny Crunch Foods is a proud partner to help combat serious issues plaguing our vulnerable youth and strengthening families in crisis.

Thank you.

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Providing Hope and Practical Assistance to People in Need

People who are in desperate situations need hope. Hope 4 All intends through its programs to increase the level of hope these people currently have, and provide avenues that result in a bright and hopeful future.

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